The region in north-eastern Brazil is home to one of the absolute top spots worldwide for kite and windsurfing freaks. But Canoa Quebrada is already more than just an insider tip. It’s a perfect spot that caters for all tastes. There is a dead water lagoon for beginners and 12 metre long, huge waves for the advanced and pros.
The constant trade wind, the endless space and breathtaking nature are only some of this spot’s many assets. The huge bay is practically devoid of riffs, shells, jellyfishes or any other discomforts. Water temperature ranges from 25° to 28° the whole year round. For lovers of marine sports, sun blockers and boarder shirts are a part of ones daily equipment but certainly no wetsuit. The windy season lasts from July to January. During this time, the trade wind blows constantly side shore from the right at an average speed of 15 to 22 knots. Between September and December, the wind’s speed can increase to 30 knots. Kiting is however also possible during the off season. The wind tends to pick up only in the afternoon. Between February and May there are heavier rainfalls and wind guarantee decreases to 50%.
The top spot with waves (Chopy) of up to 1.5 metres high is situated right in front of your doorstep. Just walk 300 metres straight ahead to the sea and the action begins. It’s easy to get to the “Flat Water Paradise” with a boogie. The wonderful trip takes you 10 kilometres along the beach to Rio Jaguaribe’s estuary. When the tide is out, absolute dead water is guaranteed at least four hours later. It would be a pleasure for us to arrange the boogie and driver for you. We of course also arrange courses for beginners.